3 puppies born on 12/11 - 2013
1 Male: 1 Sable
2 Females; 1 black & tan & 1 black with white markings
Inbreeding 0,2%

. Cinnamon Sugar Von Der Old'n Aue "Leo"

. Havannaville´s Epic Enigma "Ebba"

S. Vienetto Von Der Old'n Aue 
D. Xita La Vita Von Der Old'n Aue 

Knees, Eyes & Heart OK
Color: Redsable
S. Tuskelum's Lord Daymon
D. SE UCH Team Holländers Cosy Judith

Knees, Eyes & Heart OK
Color: Black

Leo is Swedish and Estonian champion and has also got a few CACIB so far. Leo is a very happy little dog who always makes us laugh! He is also the father of our F litter. Ebba has not been in the showring so much. She is a very femnine litte girl with wonderful coat. Ebba is also mother of our G litter.
Reg.nr Name Gender Eyes/Knees Merits
SE58388/2013 Havannaville's Her Majesty Female    
SE58389/2013 Havannaville's High Fidelity Female    
SE58390/2013 Havannaville's Hattrick Male    

17/1 - 2014

Havannaville's Hattrick "Lexus"
lives with the Adén family in Stockholm.

Havannaville's High Fidelity "Chili"
lives with the van der Velden/Mulari family in Stockholm. Dad Juha is missing in the pic.

Havannaville's Her Majesty "Ebba"
lives with the Önnesjö family in Stockholm. Mum Lillemor is missing in the pic.

11/1 - 2014
The puppies are now 8½ weeks old!

Havannaville's High Fidelity
Black & tan female

Havannaville's Her Majesty
Black female

Havannaville's Hattrick
Sable boy

13/12 - 2013
The puppies are now 4 weeks old!
Havannaville's High Fidelity
Black & tan girl

Havannaville's Her Majesty
Black girl

Havannaville's Hattrick
Sable boy

17/11 - 2013
Newborn puppies

Male is bright & 2 females