8 puppies born 7/2 - 2014
5 Males:
1 dark sable, 1 redsable white markings, 1 brindle, 1 black&tan, 1 redsable tan
3 Females; 1 black & tan white markings, 1 redsable tan and white markings, 1 redsable white markings.
Inbreeding 0%

. O'Brisans Xtra I'm In The Mood "Matisse"

. Havannaville´s Fiddeli Dee "Kenzo"

S. A Maiden Efforts On The Red Rocks  
D. DE CH  LUX CH O'Brisans Xtra Go Go Girl

Knees, Eyes & Heart OK
Color: Gold
S. EE CH SE UCH Cinnamon Sugar Von Der Old'n Aue

Knees, Eyes & Heart OK
Color: Tobacco brown

Matisse is swedish and finnish showchampion. A male in perfect size with wonderful coat and temperament.
Kenzo is a lovely tobacco colored female. She has not been shown so much.
Reg.nr Name Gender Colour Merits
SE16528/2014 Havannaville's Init To Winit Female Tricolor  
SE16529/2014 Havannaville's In The Limelight Female Sable  
SE16530/2014 Havannaville's Icing On The Cake Female Sable with white markings FIN UCH
SE16531/2014 Havannaville's In The Fast Lane Male Sable  
SE16532/2014 Havannaville's I can N I will Male Brindle  
SE16533/2014 Havannaville's Instant Reply Male Sable with white markings  
SE16534/2014 Havannaville's Invincible Ikaros Male Sable  
SE1635/2014 Havannaville's Ideal Investment Male Black & tan  

Updated on 28th FEB - 2017

Havannaville's Icing On The Cake, Finnish Champion in february -17!

Updated on 24th Oct - 2015

Havannaville's Instant Reply "Dylan" has found a new home with his litterbrother Teddy!
He is not longer a part of our kennel.

Dylan with his family.

Updated on may
- 2014
All the puppies has now moved to their new homes!

Havannaville's Init to Winit "Iris" and Havannaville's Instant Reply "Dylan"
...stays with us, Iris with Kerstin and her family (In the pic you see Iris and Kerstins husband Mats).
Dylan lives with Mimmi and her famity.

Havannaville's In the fast lane "Ivan"
...lives with Jessica in Huddinge/Stockholm.

Havannaville's Icing on the cake "Vanessa"
...lives with Sanna and Jari at kennel Sanillans in Finland..

Havannaville's In the limelight "Irma"
lives with Helen and her family at Kennnel Smedstjärn's in Edsbyn..

Havannaville's Ideal Investment "Birk"
lives with the Strede family in Ekerö/Stockholm.

Havannaville's Invincible Ikaros "Teddy"
lives with the Jansson family in Knivsta.

Havannaville's I can N I will "Messi"
lives the Gravelej family in Östermalm/Stockholm.

Updated on...
april 1st
- 2014

The girls

The boys


Mixed pics of our I litter, 7 weeks old.


Updated on...
15 march
- 2014

Havannaville's Init To Winit "Iris"

Havannaville's In The Limelight "Irma"

Havannaville's Icing On The Cake "Isolde"

Havannaville's In The Fast Lane "Ivan"

I can N I will "Igor"

Havannaville's Ideal Investment "Ivar"

Havannaville's Instant Reply "Isak"

Havannaville's Invincible Ikaros "Ikaros"

Updated on...
26 feb
- 2014

Updated on...
11 feb
- 2014

Female 1
black&tan with white markings

Female 2
sable with tan markings

Female 3
sable with white markings

Male 1
dark sable

Male 2

Male 3
Black & tan

Male 4
sable with white markings

Male 5
sable with tan markings