Kerstin and Mimmi with Freja and Matisse.
The thaught of breeding started in the spring of 2006 when we together cruised around Sweden
on various shows and we had plenty of time to talk about breeding at ringside and in the car.
Our aim is to; in the friendly environment of our homes, breed wonderful familymembers!

When we first started we didn't have the longterm experience as an "older" breeder has, so in order to
at least have a stable platform to start from, all three of us attented the 6-step "Breeders School"
the Swedish Kennel club offers all breeders. We still contiue to educate us in various ways.

When growing up Kerstin had labradors in her family . Apart from the havanese breed
there are also English Setters in Kerstins Family. Kerstin also used to have her own horses.
Mimmi had schnauzers when growing up and has for few years had a daycarecenter for dogs.
We turn to familys that first of all are looking for a wonderful familymember. If there is also an
interest for show, agility, obedience that is a bonus! This little dog is suited for almost anything!

We want the familys buying a pup from us to be aware that a havanese needs grooming!
If you already from the start have made your mind up to trim your havanese, why not have a
look at another breed who already has a short easy groomed coat? There could be a lot of reasons
why you want to trim your havanese but be sure, it will need grooming all the same!

We do all healthchecks that the Swedish Havanese Club recomends before using a dog in our breeding.
When you pick your pup up it has been healthchecked by a vet, have had its first vaccination,
is chipped and registered int the Swedish Kenneclub.

Please contact us for further information!
Welcome to Havannaville´s