Link to our website!

(Our breed club)

From here comes Leo)

(Kerstins own website)

Kennel Christas Jumpy Clown
(From this comes Tindra, and is home to Havannaville´s Ambassador)

Kennel Pillowtalks
(From this comes Felix)

Kennel Bichavas
(On Bichavas Kennel lives Theodor who is the father of our A & C-litter)

Dexter, Harry, Wilmer & Nelson
(Here you will find Harry who is the father of B-litter)

Kennel Tuskelum's
(On Tuskelums Kennel lives Lordi
who is the father of our E-litter)

Kennel Diabella
(On Kennel Diabella lives Malou, Havannaville´s Billion Dollar Bonus)

Havannaville´s Biggles Blackn White
(Biggles, Havannaville´s Biggles Blackn White´s own homepage)

Kennel Gjiways
(Here live
Havannaville´s Busy Brazil Jack)

Kennel Sweet Bishamons
(Here live Havannaville's Cheeky Contessa)
From this comes Freja)

(Here live Havannaville's Divine Dots "Pepsi" and
from this comes Matisse.)